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How far away is your new car? While it can seem daunting to shop for a new car, we have your back. As you get closer to that exit where you pick up your new wheels, follow the steps below to make sure your new ride is as smooth as can be.

Next Exit: 1 Mile to a New Car
Get Pre-Approved with Yolo Federal
When you get pre-approved for an auto loan with Yolo Federal, we’ll help you figure out what your budget looks like. Long before you begin to decide on the color, a pre-approval will give you an idea what could be a manageable monthly payment. Even better, a pre-approval tells a dealer that you’re serious and ready to go when you find that dream car. To get pre-approved, talk to a Yolo Federal representative or easily apply online.

Next Exit: ½ Mile to a New Car
Research in your pajamas
Before you start test driving hundreds of cars, think about how you’ll use your vehicle. Do I need FWD or AWD? How many seats do I need? Gas- or alternative-fuel powered, or electric? Coupe, truck, SUV, sedan, crossover…the variety of models is endless. Not just the model, but do you have an affinity for a particular brand? If you’re not sure yet, use CUDL® AutoSmart to help narrow down your research before you head to the dealer. You’ll save time browsing from home, and you can arrive at the dealer ready to drive and ready to buy!

Next Exit: ¼ Mile to a New Car
Test drive and shop local
Now that you have an idea what you’re looking for, visit local dealers and take some test drives. Be prepared to spend some time at each dealer; you’ll want to evaluate all of your options. We always recommend our local dealers first, so check out Team Ford, Woodland Motors, and Hoblit Dodge to shop local.

Exit Here for a New Car
Protect your ride
Congratulations on your new car! Hopefully it’s a lot of fun to drive, and you enjoy it for many years to come. With that, you’ll want to make sure it’s fully covered for any of those “things” life can throw your way. With a new car should come a new insurance policy. Yolo Community Insurance Services offers competitive rates and bundle packages to members. Even if you think you’re already saving money with your current policy, when you buy a new car it never hurts to shop around; on average, members who’ve switched to Yolo Community Insurance Services have saved over $600 per policy!

Apply today to make your shopping experience an easy drive.