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Yolo FCU Mobile


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In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Card Controls to secure your Yolo FCU Debit and Credit Cards through Online and Mobile Banking.

To access Card Controls, go to Accounts and select Card Controls. From a browser you’ll see all of your cards displayed. From the Mobile App swipe the image to display each Debit or Credit Card.

You can place a temporary block on your card by clicking on the toggle button. This feature will allow you to turn on/off access to your card at any time.

To access additional features from a browser, hover over your Debit or Credit Card image and click Manage Card.

Digital Card

A Digital Card is an electronic version of your active Yolo FCU Card. To access your Digital Card, complete the following steps to unmask your card details:

  • Click on View Details under the Active Card you’d like to access.
  • Select your preferred Multifactor Authentication (MFA) option: 2FA App, Text, Email, or Call.
  • Enter the code provided and click Verify.

Once the code is verified, you can see your complete card number, expiration date, and CVV.

Digital Cards are available for new and reissued cards. Complete the following steps to view your card details before your physical card arrives:

  • Click on the Set up card.
  • Select the Card Activation option.
  • Click on Use Digital Card Display.
  • Select your preferred MFA option: 2FA App, Text, Email, or Call.

Once the code is verified, you can see your complete card number, expiration date, and CVV.

Alerts and Controls

Under Manage Card Alerts and Manage Card Controls you can customize each of your Yolo FCU Cards for your local region or internationally.

  • Manage Card Alerts — use this feature to set alerts you want to receive.
  • Manage Card Controls — use this feature to block or enable specific card transactions.

Alerts for all transactions — toggle on to send an alert every time your Yolo FCU Card is used. (Only available under Manage Card Alerts.)

International Transactions

  • Alerts — when toggled on you will receive alerts for all international transactions.
  • Card Controls — when toggled on all international transactions will be blocked.
  • Locations

    With My Regions you will receive an alert or a transaction will be blocked outside the identified region.

    • Choose delivery method and click Save.
    • Click Add Region and enter city name or zip code, define a radius for the region alert, and name the region.
    • Click Add Region.

    Turn on/off all regions by click on the toggle.

    To edit an exiting region, click on the pencil icon.

    To delete an exiting region, click on the trashcan icon.

  • Transaction Limits

    Set alerts to send when the transaction amount exceeds the limits you’ve set. Click on the Toggle button to set limits.

    • Per Transaction — enter limit amount.
    • Per Month — enter limit amount.

    Note: If no amount is entered the limit will be set to $0.00.

  • Transaction & Merchant Types

    Alerts or blocks can be set for the types of transactions and merchants you want to be notified about. To activate each, click on the toggle button.

    Transaction types:

    • In-store
    • Online,
    • Mail or phone order
    • Auto pay
    • ATM

    Merchant types:

    • Department stores
    • Entertainment
    • Gas Stations
    • Groceries
    • Household
    • Personal care
    • Restaurants
    • Travel
    • Age restricted
    • Other

Travel Notice

Submitting a travel notice will ensure you’re able to use your Yolo FCU without interruption. Enter the following:

  • Start & End dates for your trip
  • Destination — domestic or international
  • State or country

Click ‘Save’ to submit your travel notice. To edit or delete a travel notice from the Mobile App, select the notice and click on Delete Travel Notice. From a browser, click either Edit or Delete.

Replacement Card

You can request a replacement card if it is lost or stolen. Select the reason you are requesting a replacement card.

  • Lost (replacement card will have a new number) — enter the Last Date Used and Date Lost
  • Stolen (replacement card will have a new number) — enter the Last Date Used and Date Lost

Once you’ve selected the reason and entered the required information, submit your request.

Update PIN

You can easily update your PIN by selecting Update PIN, enter:

  • New PIN
  • Confirm new PIN
  • Card expiration date (MM/YY)

Once you’ve completed the required fields, click Update PIN.

Card Activation

To activate a new or reissued card, you can either call the number on the card or follow these steps once you receive your physical card:

  • Click on Set up card.
  • Enter the CVV number from the back of your physical card.
  • Enter the expiration date from your physical card.
  • Click on Activate Card.

Note: Do not activate your card until you’ve received the physical card. The status needs to show as Not set up for new and reissued cards. This will ensure that your Yolo FCU Card remains secure.


Fraud—Protect Yourself

We proactively work to protect members against fraud. All of our Debit and Credit Cards come with ID Navigator through NortonLifeLock™ to help protect you against identity theft. If you suspect fraud or have questions, please call, schedule an appointment, or click on Let's chat! to speak with a Yolo FCU representative.

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