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How can we help you with your vehicle loan?

  • Are you buying a car, or refinancing a current loan?
    • Buying a car.
      • Do you have enough for a down payment?
        • Yes
          • Great. When purchasing a vehicle, a down payment can help with financing. Is this your first time buying a car?
            • Yes
            • No
              • Do you plan to go straight to the dealer?
                • Yes
                  • If that’s the case, we think you’ll love our Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) program. We can get you pre-approved up to a certain amount, so you can make a purchase decision right at the dealership.
                • No
                  • Sounds good. Come talk to us and we can get you a great loan for a New or Used vehicle.
        • No
          • That’s okay, we’re here to help! We offer up to 130% financing for New and Used vehicles.
    • Refinancing.
      • Awesome! We want to help you with that. We’ve helped many people lower their monthly payments, their overall interest rate, or take cash out to pay off other debt.

What Is It?

Used Vehicle Loans

Buying a used car may once have raised eyebrows, but now it’s often the most financially-sound solution. There are plenty of vehicles on the market right now in ship-shape condition, and one could be yours soon. With us, you’ll enjoy perks like pre-approval, plus a killer rate.

Why Yolo Federal

We'll take great care of you

  • Apply right at the dealership with Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)​
  • GAP insurance available for extra peace of mind
  • Discount rates on hybrid and electric vehicles

Rates & Fees

New and Used Auto

Loan Type Term in months Minimum Amount Rate as low as Annual Percentage Rate1 Payment per $1,0002
New Auto Up to 24 Mo. N/A 3.49% 3.49% $43.20
Up to 36 Mo. N/A 3.49% 3.49% $29.30
37-48 Mo. N/A 3.49% 3.49% $22.35
49-60 Mo. N/A 3.49% 3.49% $18.19
61-72 Mo. $15,000 3.49% 3.49% $15.41
73-84 Mo. $20,000 3.99% 3.99% $13.66
85-120 Mo. 3 $30,000 3.99% 3.99% $10.12
Used Auto Up to 24 Mo. N/A 3.99% 3.99% $43.42
Up to 36 Mo. N/A 3.99% 3.99% $29.52
37-48 Mo. N/A 3.99% 3.99% $22.57
49-60 Mo N/A 3.99% 3.99% $18.41
61-72 Mo. $15,000 3.99% 3.99% $15.64
73-84 Mo. $20,000 4.49% 4.49% $13.90
85-120 Mo.3 $30,000 4.49% 4.49% $10.36

Effective Date: February 1, 2020. The APR is accurate as of the effective date.

1 Based on loan balance of $10,000 or minimum amount required for term.

2 Payment per $1,000 is based on the minimum APR reflected at the maximum term available in range.

3 Mobility Loans: Extended terms from 85-120 months apply to vehicle loans with mobility options only. Up to 90% financing only. Other restrictions may apply.

Green Loans: Yolo Federal Credit Union offers a .30% rate discount. To qualify, the purchase must meet the IRS guidelines for energy efficiency tax credits.

Rates, Financing Amount and Terms: Some restrictions apply. Rates shown may not apply to every borrower, and the higher rates may be charged to other borrowers depending on their credit qualifications. Rate and term will be determined by member's credit worthiness. A member's creditworthiness will be based, for example, on factors such as debt to income ratios, credit history, employment, etc. For additional details regarding a specific category, please consult a credit union member services officer.