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We know that buying your first home can seem like a daunting task. You may be asking yourself questions such as: Where do I even begin? How much can I afford? Who should I talk to? At Yolo Federal, we’re here to tell you that there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by the process. We’ll be here for you every step of the way. That’s a promise we make to you as your local lender. However, we know it’s also helpful to hear what your friends and neighbors have to say, that’s why we sat down with our recent home buyers and asked them to share their firsthand insight into their home buying experience.

Kem and Amanda are locals who love living in Yolo County because of the beautiful landscape and a community that is welcoming and friendly. They worked with our Home Loan Consultant, Paige Swanson, throughout the home buying journey.

  1. Why did you choose Yolo Federal as your lender? We chose Yolo Federal as our lender because we wanted to work with a local credit union, rather than another bank that had interests beyond that of the surrounding community. Yolo Federal has very competitive rates, and we knew that we would have a better experience working with a local credit union that we had positive prior experiences with, to guide us through the process.
  2. As a new home buyer, what questions or concerns did you have when you began the process? When we started the home buying process, we had both observed the financial crisis of 2008 and were very wary of predatory lending and being told we could afford more than what was realistic for us. In addition to Yolo Federal, we shopped around with different lenders. Yolo Federal was very welcoming and answered all of our questions truthfully and earnestly. We felt most comfortable working with a local credit union because they have a genuine interest in serving their community.
  3. What was the home buying experience like for you? The home buying process ended up being much less stressful than expected. Member service was very important and Yolo Federal earned our business. All of our questions, no matter how small, were treated with respect and answered thoroughly. We felt well informed throughout the process.
  4. How did Paige Swanson make the home buying process enjoyable for you? We loved working with Paige. From our first meeting, she was genuine and respectful. She welcomed our questions and kept us informed of necessary issues. The home buying process can be very fast-moving, and Paige was always available to handle all of our urgent questions and needs. Her responsiveness was certainly a standout feature of the experience. She was an excellent resource for information, and she was a great partner with our real estate agent, who was also a major asset throughout the process.
  5. Do you have any tips for new home buyers? Our advice for new home buyers is to have a plan, be realistic, and ask questions. A good lender will be transparent in their practices and make sure you have the right information to make the best decision. Make sure you understand the language surrounding real estate lending and do your research. It’s okay to ask for clarification as many times as you need until you really do understand what’s involved in the process. Ask friends and coworkers what worked well for them and what they wish they did differently. Our community is a vital support system.

There you have it, firsthand knowledge from a first time home buyer. Thank you, Kem and Amanda, for sharing your wisdom, we’re proud to have you as loyal members.

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