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For those of you who have been members for a long time, you’ve probably heard about the Holiday Skip-A-Pay for consumer loans. Have you considered trying it out, but haven’t signed on the dotted line yet for fear there may be a catch? Well, we have a secret for you. There is no catch. Just a few important things to know.

The Skip-A-Pay program was designed many years ago specifically to help our members during the holidays. We know it’s a busy time of year, lots of shopping and swiping of your debit or credit cards (we hope you’re swiping your credit card though…click here to find out why). That’s why we created Skip-A-Pay so that you could free up some funds to use on the more exciting things in life during the holidays.

The term of your loan will be extended by one month and there is a small $30 processing fee; however we apply it directly to your loan to make it as easy as possible for you. It’s not like you need another thing to do during the holidays, right? So kick back, fill up on some hot chocolate, and start shopping with some extra money this Holiday season.

If you haven’t done so already, click here to sign up for the Holiday Skip-A-Pay before the offer expires on December 14, 2017.