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With the holidays approaching, we’d like to make this time of year a little less stressful by providing you some tips to make your shopping as easy as pecan pie…or pumpkin…or cherry.

Tip 1: Call us if you’re making a big purchase.
As part of our security measures to protect your debit and credit card from fraud, there is a $1,500 daily transaction limit. If you know you’ll be making a big purchase for, say, airline tickets, a new TV, or that shiny diamond necklace, give us a heads up at 530-668-2700. We want your transaction to go through flawlessly and still provide your account the utmost security.

Tip 2: Be protected, use an app!
We get it, you’re out there buying a lot of presents and it can be easy to let transactions slip through if you’re not vigilant! As a Yolo Federal member, you have access to CardNav on all of your cards. You can easily set notifications for each time you use your card, or based on when, where, and how you use your card. You can even restrict your card to different geographic regions or for transactions above a certain dollar amount! Even if you’re having a no-spend holiday season, explore all the possibilities to fully control your account!

Tip 3: Use your credit card
Your $1,500 card limit can be increased easily, but why not get paid to shop this season? You’ll get 2% cash back on all purchases when you use a Yolo VISA® Platinum Cash Back Rewards Card through December 31, 2017. That’s right, no asterisk needed – all purchases! Not just gas and groceries, but every single time you swipe your card. Plus, you won’t even have to bother worrying about your daily limit, since there isn’t one on credit cards.  Your credit card can be tracked and monitored through CardNav too, so you have full control over how and when you can use it. Interested in discovering what the VISA® Platinum is all about? Apply now!